The ethos and vision of the TYNAFIT brand is to inspire todays modern woman who wishes to lead an active and healthy lifestyle through exercise, beauty, her own style and has a story to tell.

Our unique prints and designs allows the modern woman to discover, explore and express their identity, individuality and heritage.      

The TYNAFIT brand was created by working professional women who sought out to inspire their children, families and friends. Like many women we want to have control and choice over the life we live, what we eat, drink and wear and how we express ourselves as confident, stylish, dare we say sassy modern women.

The TYNAFIT concept was inspired by the brands co-founder’s late mums wardrobe which was a riot of colour and designs and spoke many words about the woman she was. Looking at her wardrobe it told a story of her rich heritage and culture, which we realised could be true of many of the cultures across the globe; whether that be Tartan print from Scotland, Celtic tweeds from Ireland, and as far afield as South American which is also blessed with a rich tapestry of designs that are still visible in South American fashion to this day. We want our children to see these prints and designs and be inspired by the stories from mum’s rich heritage and to learn the stories behind design and prints from other nations around the world.

We want to bring our passion to life and help other women celebrate and express their individuality and style choice or as we like to say “tell your own style story” hence, we set up TYNAFIT - a tribal and ethnic design inspired Athleisure Apparel & Accessories Brand. The brand features timeless designs that we believe will resonate with today’s modern woman who loves to express her individuality or her “story”.

TYNAFIT features tribal and ethnic inspired print designs created into a stunning collection of bold, colourful, fun and vibrant Athleisure & Fitness Apparel. The TYNAFIT collection comprises of breathable and beautiful body sculpting Leggings, Capris, Shorts, Sports Bras, Tank Tops and more. At TYNAFIT we believe your ‘Active Wear Should Work As Hard As You Do’. Our print designs are created using the latest innovative technology that bring you high quality designs on to great quality active wear, that boasts moisture management and body temperature control.

TYNACCESSORIES follows our collections theme - bringing you bold, colourful, fun and vibrant accessories using our tribal and ethnic inspired print design. Our accessories are uniquely designed with you in mind and will certainly jazz up your fitness ensemble. 

The first collection for AW18 gets its inspiration from the African continent. The collection features four print designs featuring Ankara, Bògòlanfini and Kente.

1. The Siefay print collection gets its inspiration from the popular Ankara prints. Ankara originated from the Netherlands but very quickly became a staple fabric on the African continent. Ankara fabrics are traditionally made from 100% cotton fabric featuring vibrant bold colours with motifs and patterns. Ankara prints are made through an Indonesian wax-resist dyeing technique called batik.


The Origin of Ankara

Hollywood Celebrities Rocking African “Ankara” Prints

2. The Dee'essay print is another Ankara prints inspired collection.


Beyonce’s African Themed Baby Shower

3. The inspiration for the Ibeekay print collection comes from Bògòlanfini Mud Cloth of the Malian tribes. This fabric is traditionally handmade from Malian cotton dyed with fermented iron-rich mud. The patterns are intricately dyed into the fabric and tell tribal stories by making reference to animals, historical events, religion, and mythologies of the Malian tribe. Bògòlanfini has an important place in traditional Malian culture as historically was produced for important life events such as births and marriage ceremonies.


History of Malian Mudcloth

4. The Kayentee print collection gets its inspiration from the popular Kente cloth. Its origin and history can be traced back to the Akan-Ashanti Kingdoms in what is now present-day Ghana, West Africa. Kente’s origin is steeped in the history of the Ashanti people and has evolved to become well-recognised designs of contemporary life. The characteristics of the Kente cloth varies - they often comprise of bold colours and geometric shapes or may be woven to get a tweed effect which is achieved by plying together different coloured threads to create beautiful woven colours and patterns. Designs will usually have their own special meanings and stories.


Kente Cloth Origins

Bill & Hilary in traditional Kente attire

Kim and Kanye as you've never seen them before

Make a style statement with our Athleisure Collection, they are versatile and can be worn for multiple sports and fitness activities and also in everyday settings. We utilise fabrics that maintain moisture management and body temperature to help prevent overheating during sports and workout.

Of course, we have more designs and are currently planning our next season collection, but If there are designs inspired by your culture that you would love to see in future collections, please email us at

With so many designs to feature from our extensive and exclusive range, once all items in a collection are sold out, they will not be reproduced, we urge you to get your desired collections as soon as they are available online.

Now you know our designs have a rich story to tell – what’s your story?

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